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  • Open Crates: Open construction with 1x or 2x materials based on weight of contents. Used for machinery and non-fragile items for domestic shipment.
  • Open Crates/Furniture: Hybrid design, utilizing 1x or 2x materials with plywood slats for extra protection. Ideal for items requiring a little more protection but more cost effective than a plywood box.
  • Plywood Boxes: Solid construction with plywood and 1x cleats based on weight of contents. Ideal for heavy or delicate items requiring maximum protection as well as international shipments.
  • Custom Pallets/Skids: We can custom build a skid to any specification. It can be as simple or as complex as you require. We can build one for a single unit of we can mass produce a size for multiple shipments.
  • Reusable Boxes: Boxes are custom designed for a particular purpose and for a particular life span.  They can be constructed to withstand several shipment, one or two round trip shipments or just to be used to store an item for easy access and local transport.  A reusable box will be either lag bolted together or have a hinged top with link lock closures.
  • Show Display Boxes: Used to store and transport trade show furniture and materials to trade shows.  Show display boxes can be built for transport to just a few shows or be built to withstand several years of use.   They are custom designed and built for each display unit.  They have carpeted slots and compartments along with hinged tops and/or sides and link lock closures.  The options for these boxes are endless and can include castors, doors and multiple levels within the box.  We can also repair show boxes built by us or by another company.
  • Exhibit Boxes: These are a more economical alternative to a show box.  They are typically used for less delicate items and do not include the intricate slots and compartments.  They typically have carriage bolt and wing nut closures.  Like everything we do, these can be tailored to your specific needs.